We are not accepting new members at this time. However you can join the waiting list and as subscriptions become available, businesses will be contacted in the order requests were received. If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please e-mail us your business and contact information at the address shown, please use the subject line: Waiting

Included in Subscription Plans

All of our service subscription plans include base-level technical support and are not limited to any one type of device or catagory. This means all of your basic troubleshooting needs along with common fixes are all included along with the outlined devices & services listed in the plan. More information about how the plans work can be found below.

Clients may also choose to create a custom service plan tailored to meet their expectations. A wide range of technical service coverage as well as security needs can all be arranged and addressed in each plan. Optional add-ons can include services like 24/7 Remote maintenance, daily/weekly/monthly system back ups, or periodic penetration testing. New equipment leasing can also be arranged and included in custom subscription plans.

Subscription Plan Pricing

Our most basic entry-level support plans start at $1,000 per month & up.* Subscription plans are based the scope of any specific services needed, frequency of on-site visits, and in cases that require use of any of our technical certificates listed on the services page.

Once our initial on-site evaluation visit has been completed, more exact pricing and plan options will be made available. This allows us to properly match your needs specifically to one of our many subscription plans. If a custom plan or special requirement is arranged, a service subscription plan can be curated entirely based on your own business needs.

Unfortunatly this means that sometimes our most basic plans are not always suitable for a business, and therefor will not always be made available to every business. Our services and support plans are based on market-value pricing as well as regional demand in the industry. We always strive to achieve a great value for all parties involved. For those reason as well as others, we are not always able to offer our services to certian businesses.

More on How Plans Work

During normal business hours, each subscription package includes a set number of billable hours that will be waived each calendar month. Our smallest subscription available waives the first 5 billable hours. This means you are only billed for the excess amount of service hours exceeding the hours allotted in the subscription plan. Only aditional services performed that are not already outlined in the subscription plan will be billed seperately. After business hour services can also be arranged into service subscriptions. Additional excess hours and materials like hardware are always billed separately for easily tracking invoices & P.O. approvals.

Regardless of how little or how much work your business needs, we are always happy to help each client maximize & utilize the technology in their workspace.
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*Example of $1,000 per month requires 2-year contract and is not eligible for any pre-payment discounts. New customers only. Exclusions apply, see offer for exact contractual details.